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Personal Project Annotated Bibliography: Overview

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Conduct research for your report and document a minimum of 4 annotated sources and submit to Manage Bac by November 25th.

There is endless information to be found—however, not all of it is valid, useful, or accurate. In addition, there are some sources that are excellent but NOT FOR YOUR RESEARCH QUESTION. Therefore, assessing the relevance, usefulness, and reliability of sources in relation to your research question is an important step in any research project.

The Personal Project rubric specifically assesses the degree to which you effectively evaluate a wide variety of sources. The annotated bibliography demonstrates this skill.

EasyBib Instructions

Get Help

EasyBib MLA User Guide: Illustrations and directions to using EasyBib with MLA

Prudue University- MLA Citation Style: This is a comprehensive website to help show you the MLA formatting and how to cite. 

EasyBib YouTube Channel: Video Tutorials: Videos demonstrations for how to use EasyBib to cite almost anything.