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JSTOR is an online archive of academic journals and primary sources. The JSTOR archive includes content in History, Language & Literature, Religion, Art & Art History, Education, Law, Science and Political Science. 

  • All results contain the images and context of the original publication.
  • All results are full-text .pdf files.
  • Content continually updated.

Enoch Pratt Science Databases (you need an Enoch Pratt card number)

Searching: Open Web, Databases, & GoogleScholar


It is very frustrating to enter something into a search box and get tens of thousands of results. Or, worse yet, not finding anything you need! Good Internet searching, on the free web, with GoogleScholar and in Databases, only comes with practice. Here are some tips that work no matter where you search:

Boolean Searches & Search Tips

Use AND to find all your search terms

  • migrant AND labour AND remittances

Use OR to find any of your search terms

  • migration OR remittances

Search for exact phrases using quotations " " (this is important to prevent confusion with "economic development".)

  • “development economics”

Use truncation (*) to find different word endings and plurals

  • econom* finds economist, economic, economics, economy, economical

Use the Wildcard (?) to find variations in spelling

  • labo?r finds labor and labour

Use brackets ( )  for complex search statements

  • “development economics” AND (migration OR remittances)

‚ÄčLimit your domain

  • "economic development" AND thailand
  • "economic development" AND thailand


Scholarly vs. Popular Articles