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IB Theater Research: Noh Theatre (Japan)

Noh Play Database

You will find links to the text of many of the most important Noh plays currently performed. Some also have a "photo story" that gives a brief summary of the play accompanied by pictures of a Noh performance.

Kashu-Juku Noh Theater

Schlefer, James. "Kashu-Juku Noh Theater." Online video clip. Vimeo. Vimeo,, 2015. Web. 17 Nov. 2015.

About Noh Theater

Click here to access the ebook in Questia.

Cover Art
The Noh Theater - Kunio Komparu
ISBN: 9780834815292
Publication Date: 1983-10-01
A very goood-introduction to Noh theatre, its history, aesthetics, style, music, and other aspects.

Japan Arts Council Page on Noh

"NOH & KYOGEN -An Introduction to the World of Noh & Kyogen-." NOH & KYOGEN -An Introduction to the World of Noh & Kyogen-. The Japan Arts Council, n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2015.

National Noh Theater of Japan

A Short Documentary on Noh

This film was made to illustrate an exhibition about Noh Costumes and Masks at the
Historisches and Völkerkundemuseum St.Gallen (Switzerland).
It shows the preparations behind the stage and the beginning of a Noh Play.
The film has three chapters: 1) Wearing the Costumes, 2) Putting on the Mask, 3) Performing the Play

Shot at the Open-air Noh Stage of Tominaga Jinja Shrine in Shinshiro (Aichi Prefecture) on October 13, 2013.

GloPAC (Global Performing Arts Consortium)

GloPAC is an international organization of institutions and individuals committed to using innovative digital technologies to create easily accessible, multimedia, and multilingual information resources for the study and preservation of the performing arts. Here you will find digital pictures and clips of Noh, Kyogen, Kabuki and Bunraku.

Japanese Performing Arts Center

An important online resource that explores many aspects of the Noh theatre including staging, masks, writing, etc. Also inlcudes introductory essays and links to pictures. Hosted by Cornell University.

Noh Call Numbers and Headings

Keyword search is unlikely to work well for searching resources on No 能. Your search result will include too much noise. Spelling 能 as Noh may work, but you may miss many good resources whose title romanizes 能 as No. So try call number browse search and subject heading searches as well! 

Call Numbers

  • PL735            Japanese Literature -- Nō
  • PL765            Collection of Nō texts
  • PL792.S4        Works by and about Zeami
  • PN2924.5.N6   Nō performance

Subject Headings

  • : general works and those that deal with the presentation of Nō plays on the stage.
  • Nō plays: The text of the Nō plays and works treating of them from a literary point of view.