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EE Guide: Finding a Topic in Theater: EE Guide: Finding a Topic

Example Questions

TITLE: An investigation into the functions of mask in two of Zeami Motokiyo´s plays.

RESEARCH QUESTION: What are the main uses and types of mask in Noh drama, and how does the mask contribute to the creation of a character in Noh?

TITLE: Female stereotypes and their performance in a selection of Brecht´s plays.

RESEARCH QUESTION: What female stereotypes did Brecht employ in his plays, and how can these be compared and contrasted in performance, based on an analysis of a selection of Brecht´s plays?

TITLE: An examination of Soyinka´s use of rhythm in acting, based on an in-depth exploration of a Soyinka play.

RESEARCH QUESTION: How did Soyinka use language rhythms in his plays and how may these rhythms be applied in production?

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