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Google Doc Tips and Tricks for Researching: Inserting Images/Maps with Citations

Adding and Citing Images

 Search for an Image

Search for an Image

If you want to add an image but haven’t yet found the right pic, there’s no need to leave your document and kill your productivity: The "Research" tool can help you search the web for images by keyword right within the "Research" sidebar.

To use this feature, activate the Research sidebar underneath the "Tools" menu. From there, filter images by usage rights—make sure you’re not using a picture that requires any special license—and automatically add a citation with the "Citation" dropdown. (If you don’t want or need to include a citation, simply select and delete the superscript that automatically appears.) Clicking an image in the "Research" results will take you to the URL where the image appears, and dragging the image will allow you to place it in your document.

Adding a Map

Insert Maps

Inserting Maps

Maybe it’s not a traditional image you need, but a map. Again, the "Research" tool is your friend: Performing an “Everything” search for an address or location will yield a map result. Scroll down for more information about the location, or insert map the image into your document. Hit Edit on the map result to change how the location is displayed before adding it to your Doc