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Google Doc Tips and Tricks for Researching: Assignment

Assignment for 9/24

Google Docs can save you hours of time and make life easier for you as a student. As you are completing this assignment DO NOT LEAVE GOOGLE DOCS. Follow the following steps to learn about these tips and tricks:

1. Open Google Docs and create a new document. Name it “Practice.”

2. Go to Add-ons

3. Look for EasyBib and add it (it’s free).

4. Go to the tab, or click this link for : “Citing with EasyBib Add-on.”

5. Watch “Quick and Easy Bibliography with Google Docs.”

6. Find any book that you have read and create a bibliography using what you just learned.

7. In your document, go to tools and then research.

8. Click: “Footnotes.”

9. Watch the video.

10.  Find an article about a topic you are studying in school. Create a footnote.

11. Click:  “Inserting Images /Maps” tab. Insert an image or map to your document.

12. Click: “Evaluating Sources.”

13. Find an article through Google Scholar in Google Docs. How many times was it used? What publications used it?

14. Click: “Drafting.

15. Type in a sentence. Use Google Docs to find a synonym for one of the words in your sentence.

16. Go to “Add-ons.”

17. Explore the different Add-ons that Google Docs offers. Which one looks the most helpful? Why?

18. Download your document, save it to your computer and upload it to Managebac.